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"The potential to thrive and transform into your ideal wellness state is within you"

Why Coaching

A health and wellness coach creates a safe judgment-free environment that enables you to do the inner work of self-discovery, listens and meets you where you are in your journey, offers different perspectives, and “shines a light” on your inner strengths that are part of what makes you, you.

“A coach is a partner in defining ‘point B’ and
co-designing and
co-navigating the journey to get there.”

How It Works


My belief is that when a person becomes rooted and grounded in their vision of their ideal state of wellness, then the sprouting of new ideas, resources and beliefs begin to unfold.  My desire is to hold that space for you.  To be that trusted coach that walks alongside of you, offers up different perspectives, helps shine a light on your own inner strengths and wisdom, and celebrates your successes along the way.  My intention is to empower you to create and enjoy a much fuller and happier life.


“Together we will design a plan to begin your journey to wellness”

Meet Laura


Hi, I’m Laura. A National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach who studied under Chris Kresser as part of the ADAPT-certified functional health coach academy.  Prior to my coaching studies, I received my credentials as a Nutrition Educator and Consultant from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  Whilst studying to get my credentials I had the great opportunity and privilege to be a part of the wellness team for Dr. Thomas Cowan’s patient community in his San Francisco medical practice. Since the pandemic, I have been drawn to immerse myself in studying Energy Healing practices and most recently I received my certification as an Access Bars® Practitioner.


I specialize in partnering with those who want to:

  • Get more restful sleep

  • Access greater awareness to identify self-growth culprits

  • Make thoughtful health-supportive eating choices

  • Improve daily physical movement

  • Access greater ease, balance, and joy in their life

Together we co-design a plan that generates forward movement to help you get from where you are in your wellness journey, to where you want to be. Through the coaching process we will uncover your resources that can support your forward movement and help you stay accountable.

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