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Energy Work Testimonials

"When I first went to see Laura for an Access Bars treatment, I was feeling overwhelmed by my life and confused about how to prioritize all the demands that were being placed on me. I was constantly fatigued from juggling school, work, and an intense parenting schedule after a family emergency. In that first session I told Laura, "I feel like I'm just barely keeping my head above water". We spent time talking and in her compassionate and warm way, she asked what I most wanted out of life at that moment. I told her, "I just want some clarity about how I'm feeling and what I need to do next". Laura facilitated the Access Bars treatment and checked in with me over the next few days. When she asked how I was feeling I told her "It's like I finally came up for air and I can see the big picture now." I remember feeling a sense of peace, calm, and ease. My impatience with my life circumstances and myself began to fade away and I was able to stay grounded in what was really important to focus on during this season of life. I've had multiple sessions since then and every time I feel incredibly relaxed while the session is happening. But the power is really in the days afterwards when I most notice that something has shifted. My perception is heightened and I've got clarity again. I'm back in the flow of life rather than fighting or resisting it. I feel unburdened. Laura is nothing short of a magical healer and I'm so grateful to have found her."    

~D. Crawford, Bend OR

“When I came to Laura for my first Bars Access treatment, I was looking to gain clarity around the changes my husband and I would want to create with his impending retirement.  We have never really considered moving from California. Shortly after my sessions with her, I found myself in a totally different mindset around staying here in the Bay Area or the possibility of embracing a new beginning.  Within a few weeks this started new conversations with my husband about the possibilities and new opportunities that we’ve never really considered.  I have a much more “open” mind around this new beginning and new chapter we are about to embark on.  It’s generating some very fun and new ideas and options for us!  Very excited to see where this all might lead us!" 

"I was also looking for more acceptance with regard to my relationship with food and my body. I have created a lot of “food rules” over the years in order to maintain my weight, instead of listening to what my body is saying.  I really wanted a healthier relationship around this and what I’ve found since my sessions with Laura is that I’m really letting go of many of those food rules and eating more intuitively.  It feels so good to be honoring my body in this way and trusting myself in a way I’ve never experienced before.  And in this new mind set with food, I’m so much less critical and judgmental with my body.  I’m finding more peace and acceptance with myself and my body.  Truly a gift after having lived over half a century of condemning myself and my body. Now, when I look in the mirror, no matter if I feel fat or thin, I give gratitude for my healthy body and all it does for me every day.  Thank you Laura!”      

~M. Smith, Northern CA



“Although I was aware of balancing treatments for wellbeing, I was not familiar with Access Bars treatments. I was curious. I have had 5 sessions. The treatment is simple and relaxing.  Laura is gentle and comforting as a facilitator. I look forward to my sessions. The treatments gave me pause to nurture myself by recognizing the value of balance in the body that this technique can produce.

Laura also did Chakra Clearing which I found be a wonderful tool as well. The treatments are fascinating, and Laura is a wonderful person to spend time with.”    

~ J. Thompson, Bend OR



"I have received several Access Bars sessions from Laura. She is passionate about her craft and really takes the time to make me feel comfortable and at ease. Each time I have entered the session with a different area of focus and each time I have walked away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and with more energy. I highly recommend working with Laura!"

~M. Griffiths, Bend OR



"Despite having spent years in self-discovery and therapy there was always a level of healing I couldn’t consciously reach.  Even in my advancing years, I hold myself back, feel awkward in conversations, and find it hard to sell my art (photography).  Each session of the access bars, I just kicked back and received the lessons. It’s relaxing and I didn’t have to actively “do” anything, but many “aha” moments would come either during or right after a session, or in the weeks following.  Many goals I’ve had (like getting into a gallery and selling out photo workshops) have just appeared with what feels like little effort and complete comfort and acceptance.   It’s the easiest, gentlest way I’ve found to move forward and grow, and Laura’s instincts and listening is the foundation for all the changes. Her positivity, support, encouragement, and instinct create the space for so much growth to be possible."      

~B. Gonzalez, Bend OR

“I'm truly grateful to have started doing Access Bars treatments with Laura at the perfect time in life when I needed more support due to some active family trauma. My sessions helped me feel more regulated, in touch with my grounded and awake heart center and consciousness rather than an activated fear-based physical response system. I would often have a deeper knowing of my authentic safety and wellbeing needs during the session and gain clarity of needs, even if I wasn't thinking or ruminating much during the sessions. Between sessions, I could better discern whether my reactions were trauma responses or the grounded observation of my body's important information. I believe I can tap into a trust of my own grounded wellbeing, as well as be the present observer better who can notice the energies and processing of my body from a more compassionate place. Thank you, Laura, I appreciate you!”      

~A. Viani, Bend OR

“I have had many Access Bars treatments with Laura and each one is different and yet similar.  Laura provides a warm and relaxing environment for her sessions. Before we begin, Laura asks how I am doing and what I would like to take from the session.  She listens without judgement when I explain what is going on with me that day. During the session a feeling of peace comes over me as I relax my body and mind. My heavy thoughts lift and I feel my stress, tension, and anxiety leaving my body. It is wonderful to be treated with kindness as she facilitates creating a greater ease in my body.  When the session is over, I feel happier, lighter, and I have strength and power to deal with whatever I was feeling that day.  I drink water the rest of the night and wake up more relaxed and peaceful. I truly enjoy my Access Bars treatment and look forward to my next one.  Laura is an amazing healer and truly wants to help people. I highly recommend an Access Bars treatments!” 

~K. Collins, Bend OR

“Laura is a gifted healer and creates a warm and healing environment for her clients.  I’ve seen her several times for Access Bars and Chakra balancing.  The Chakra clearing made me feel grounded and balanced.  The Bars sessions were relaxing like I was in a meditative state.  Her hands intuitively and gently touch certain points on my head that correlate to different aspects of my life to release stuck energy and limiting beliefs.  I’ve noticed a few subtle shifts of ease and peace. I’ve also noticed that I have a better ability to navigate change with more clarity.  Some of my limiting beliefs have subsided and I know with more sessions with Laura, they will improve.  Laura is one of the kindest and most nurturing person I know.  You will not regret booking a session with her.  Come with an open mind and heart.  If anything, it will feel like the most relaxing head massage ever!”      

~T. McConnell, Bend OR

"I travelled to Bend from Florida for ten days to visit Laura. I had not seen her in over fifteen years, although we have stayed in touch.  Laura introduced me to a healing technique that she specializes in called Access Bars. I had my first session with her while on the second day of my visit.  Before my trip I was starting to lose hope because I had so much anxiety, depression, and pain, there were days when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I realized after my first session that there is hope. I had two more sessions while I was there. I came out of there feeling like a new person! When I got home, I felt like I had been revived. I felt peace within myself for the first time in my adult life. I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety meds that I have been on for years. This treatment has made me more focused and positive. I wake up feeling happier, less anxiety, and less pain. Even my dog is happy! Laura is such a great healer and life coach. She is compassionate, loving, and caring and even goes the extra mile with coaching after your sessions. (Who does that?) This treatment has been a life changer for me.  Thank you, Laura, for changing my life."    

~B. Bonn, Southeast FL

"A few months after having my Access Bars run, I became aware of feeling different. Inside myself, a peacefulness and lightness that hadn’t been there for a very long time. Previously, I was constantly feeling overwhelmed by all the things I thought needed to be done immediately. I just couldn’t seem to make any progress and it was consuming me.  I wasn’t sure why I was now feeling this contentment, nothing had changed in my life.  Those tasks are getting done without that overwhelming feeling that went along with them.  My days now are much happier, and I spend them doing what makes me happy.  I’ve only had one BARS session and I contribute the change within myself to that one session.   I look forward to more to see where it takes me."      

~M. Luna, Northern CA

“As an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner of 6+ years, I can say that I have experienced both myself as a receiver and seen so many of my clients have profound shifts after a session.  When things start to feel sticky and dense for me, I know it's time to have my Bars run again.  I was so relieved to connect with Laura for a session. I was in a place where everything in my life felt stuck in place. Nothing seemed to be coming easily. Before the session, people seemingly lost interest in the products that I sell. Sales had stopped. My Workshops that normally fill to capacity were not attracting people like they had in the past.


After my session with Laura, that all changed. I felt much lighter, slept better, and felt more in the flow once again. Within 48 hours I received emails from 5 companies wanting to carry my products. I also received several texts from people I had never met before wanting to attend my upcoming Workshops.   


Access Consciousness Bars continues to surprise and amazed me. I am so grateful to Laura for her gentle and kind presence. She is a wonderful Practitioner and I recommend her highly.” 

~T. Townsend, Bend OR

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