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How It Works

“Together we will design a plan to begin your journey to wellness”

Like you, I have struggled with health issues, chronic stress, physical and mental fatigue, unhealthy eating habits and a general lack of energy and fun in my life.  I too worked in high-pressure corporate environments and struggled with balancing it all.  I see now that the choices I made to fill my own personal needs only sabotaged what my health goals were.  

I recognize that many people struggle to create their own vision of optimal wellness through lifestyle and behavioral changes. I understand that the amount of advice on the internet today is quite overwhelming making it difficult to know how or where to get started. My own journey has helped me see that making sustainable changes, that fit into ones lifestyle, can be tricky.

In a coaching relationship we will work together to discover what your vision of wellness is, what your values are that motivate you to want to change, and what's holding you back from moving towards your ideal state of wellness.  Then together we design a plan that fits into your life and will also challenge you to begin taking small steps forward on your journey to wellness.


I can see the potential that most people have for self-transformation, even if they cannot.  My belief is that when a person becomes rooted and grounded in their vision of their ideal state of wellness, then the sprouting of new ideas, resources and beliefs begin to unfold.  My desire is to hold that space for you.  To be that trusted person that walks alongside of you, offers up different perspectives, helps shine a light on your own inner strengths and wisdom, and celebrates your successes along the way.  My intention is to empower you to create and enjoy a much fuller and happier life.


Lets talk and find out what is possible in your life that you may have never considered. Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation. Click Here.

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