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Why Coaching

“A coach offers different perspectives, shines a light on your inner strengths and creates a safe judgement-free environment”

You may be asking yourself, “what does a health and wellness coach do?”  A health and wellness coach creates a safe judgment-free environment that enables you to do the inner work of self-discovery, listens and meets you where you are in your journey, offers different perspectives, and “shines a light” on your inner strengths that are part of what makes you, you. 

Personally, I think the term coach has been used quite loosely in just about every industry, therefore, I tend to lean towards the term change cultivator.  


In my role as a change cultivator, I help you find your own solution to being in balance and control of your wellness through developing a strong trusting relationship, ensuring that you are listened to, providing empathy and encouragement, all through partnership and collaboration.  By empowering you to make small baby steps forward, you are more likely to make lasting sustainable changes, build self-confidence and self-regulation, strengthen self-efficacy, attain your health related and personal goals, and increase your own life satisfaction.


I have found that by creating a safe environment, where my client feels heard, has an opportunity to discover their vision of wellness, and reflect on what’s really important to them, then real change begins to happen. Given the right conditions, resources and tools to work with, you can achieve your vision of wellness and find the balance you thought you lost.


Lets find out what's possible for you! Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation, click Here.

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