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Chakra Clearing and Balancing

What Are Chakras?

The word chakra in Sanskrit means disk-like wheel and refers to energy points in the body.  Humans have seven main chakras that run along the spinal column. Ancient healers and modern-day energy practitioners believe that the health of one's chakras is directly connected to the health of the physical, mental, and the emotional wellbeing of a person, and these spinning wheels of energy vortexes process our significant life experiences. Our life experiences include the gamut of emotions that go along with the ever changing “seasons” of our lives.  The chakras can become imbalanced by becoming too open or not open enough. 


The energy system flowing through our body could be thought of as a power supply station (chakras) that feed into power lines (meridians) that power the entire body. Keeping the power supply station in good working order will produce clean flowing energy through the powerlines, effectively keeping the body’s energy systems aligned and flowing in harmony.  


We Are Made of Energy

According to today’s science, we are all made of energy.  Each cell in our body is made up of trillions of spinning energy vortexes that make up our physical body and have a direct connection to our mind and emotional states.  If we quiet our mind and pay attention, we can feel the tingling and pulsating throughout our entire body.  The planet we live on is also covered in electromagnetic energy which we can feel if we’re paying attention. All life is made of energy- plants, water, rocks, animals, etc.  Humans are wired to connect with each other that is why we can become withdrawn, sad, and even depressed if we are left too long in isolation. We humans emit positive, happy, loving, and light energy that others can feel and take on when our energy systems are all in sync and humming along smoothly.   The opposite can also be true where we may emit dark, negative, toxic, or heavy energy that can be felt by whomever is in our path, when our energy systems are imbalanced.  


The Seven Chakras

When aligned and there are no energy blocks, there is a constant flow of energy throughout the seven chakras. Ancient Chinese Medicine teaches that there are specific functions or representations in the way each chakra corresponds to our mental, physical, and emotional states. There are specific colors, sounds, scents, and elements that correspond to each of the seven chakras. There are links below to additional resources should you like to learn more about chakras and other energy systems that make up the human body. The names, colors, and functions of the seven main chakras are listed in order of how they are located in the body. 


  • Root Chakra (aka Base) - Color: Red, Represents: physical needs, protection, security, reproduction

  • Sacral Chakra (aka womb) - Color: Orange, Represents: creativity, curiosity, childlike innosense 

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Color: Yellow, Represents: identity, will, ego, personal power

  • Heart Chakra - Color: Green, Represents: internal and external love, relationships, compassion 

  • Throat Chakra - Color: Blue, Represents: communication, self-expression, our voice 

  • Third Eye Chakra (aka pituitary) - Color: Indigo, Represents: wisdom, intuition, inner guidance

  • Crown Chakra (aka Pineal) - Color: Violet & White, Represents: spirituality, connection to all that is, divine guidance


Chakras and Wellbeing

Each of the seven main chakras, described as “wheels of energy”, spin both clockwise and counterclockwise pushing our energy out and pulling energy in from our environment all while distributing this energy to our entire body. This flow of energy travels along fourteen Meridian pathways which distribute energy to the organs, ligaments, muscles, veins, and all other body parts within its field. “Our chakras also influence the endocrine system and are strongly involved with our moods, personality, and overall health” says Donna Eden, pioneer in the field of energy medicine.  It’s the harmonious energy flow that supports a healthy physical and mental body.


Possible Causes of Chakra Imbalance

Too much or not enough energy flowing into the chakras due to our positive and negative life experiences, thoughts, real or perceived fears, toxic food, drink, and people, air we breathe, and our environment all can disrupt our energy flow making it more difficult to manage our stresses, mood, and behaviors. Each chakra not only governs the organs, muscles, veins, ligaments and the endocrine system within its field, these energy power houses are also responsible for the health of our psychological and physiological systems. 


Here is an example of this. The Root chakra sits at the base of the spine near the tailbone and represents the most basic physical and primitive of needs (protection, safety, security, reproduction, sustenance).  Let’s say the Root chakra has an imbalance of energy flow that is connected to real or perceived financial insecurity and personal safety issues. In this example all areas governed by Root Chakra, from tailbone down to the toes, including the health of our psychological and physiological systems, will be impaired. 


Keeping Chakra Energy Free Flowing

There are several ways to clear, restore and balance our energy systems. I like to use the energy from my hands, as well as, healing crystals. I love to use healing crystals because the vibrations and colors of specific crystals hold the power to clear and rebalance our chakras. These specific vibrations and colors correlate to each of the 7 chakras making them quite useful in natural healing therapies. In addition to regular chakra clearing and balancing, there are so many powerful ‘tools’ we can incorporate to take good care of our chakra energy system, which in turn benefits our physical, emotional, and mental health. Meditation, mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, breathwork, Access Bars®, essential oils, sound healing, holding an optimistic mindset, spending time in nature, gratitude practices, color therapy, eating from the full color spectrum of whole foods, and healthy social connections are all very beneficial practices that one could incorporate into their daily lives.   


What To Expect During a Chakra Clearing and Balancing Session

This energy work is relaxing, non-invasive, and has no contraindications.  During a session, you lie fully clothed on a massage table, couch, or other flat comfortable surface.  A typical clearing session is 60 minutes and begins with a discussion to discern any emotional or physical health stressors, as well as any related goals.  During the clearing and balancing, a technique of gentle crystal vibrational activity is designed to bring the person to a state of relaxation and allow the body to open to a harmonious transformation. 


Additional Information on Chakra Healing 
  • Some Books on Chakras and/or Healing Crystals

  • Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine

  • Anodea Judith’s video on Chakra Energy

  • Dr Joe Dispenza’s video on Key Ways to Realign Chakras

  • Bruce Lipton, Talk on Learning How to Control Your Mind

  • Gaia- Video- Is there Scientific Evidence on Chakras?

What’s Next?

Want to experience how a Chakra Clearing and Balancing can benefit you? Please reach out to get more information, or to schedule a session, by clicking Here.

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