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Laura Marie Lion, NBC-HWC

All the “tools” and practices that I recommend or teach my clients, I too have experienced or practice myself.

Hi, I’m Laura. A National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach who studied under Chris Kresser as part of the ADAPT-certified functional health coach academy.  Prior to my coaching studies, I received my credentials as a Nutrition Educator and Consultant from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  Whilst studying to get my credentials I had the great opportunity and privilege to be a part of the wellness team for Dr. Thomas Cowan’s patient community in his San Francisco medical practice. Since the pandemic, I have been drawn to immerse myself in studying Energy Healing practices and most recently I received my certification as an Access Bars® Practitioner.


Prior to embarking on the path of natural and alternative healing, I began preparing and consuming a whole foods diet while researching natural ways to take responsibility for how I felt physically and mentally. I was aware there was a correlation between what I consumed and how I felt.  What I didn’t know then was it wasn’t just about what I consumed that affected my energy, sleep, emotions, focus, and mood.


Through my years of academic and self-directed studies in the wellness field, I have incorporated many modalities that just seem to feel right intuitively.  All the “tools” and practices that I recommend or teach my clients, I too have experienced or practice myself.  I wouldn’t feel right recommending something I have not tried and tested because as a coach the reality is I need to experience everything, including working with a coach, so I understand the processes and how the “tools” complement one another. All my life experiences, whether personal, academic, or business have led me to where I feel I am supposed to be. 


My personal hope is to be your guide while you cultivate the change you want to see in yourself. 


What is possible in your life?  Let’s find out!

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