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Laura Marie Lion, NBC-HWC

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“I collaborate with working women and men who are struggling to get zest and vitality back in their life”
About Laura


I am a National Board Certified health and wellness coach who received ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach training through the Kresser Institute in 2019. I am also a graduate in nutrition consulting from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. For more than ten years, I have had the great opportunity to work with the patient community in Dr. Thomas Cowan’s medical practice in San Francisco, CA. I have been actively coaching patients since 2018 as required by the program’s certification process. My continued education and work experience have both deepened my appreciation for holistic healing and sparked my desire to help others reach their wellness goals.


Like most people in the health and wellness profession I am here because of my own personal experience.  I felt the need to take control of my own health when I was put on a Statin drug and cholesterol lowering medication because I was unknowingly pre-diabetic.  Through research I learned the effects Diabetes has on a person and I didn't want to have to suffer from them.  After two years of following my conventional doctor’s recommendations I decided to make lifestyle changes that made sense to me. Personally It made more sense to figure out what was causing my blood sugar issue and make natural changes to get my body back into balance. This was the beginning of many beneficial changes in my life that have enabled me to be free of medications, and enjoy living my life.


My passion to help others feel their best and my excitement about healing through whole foods and other natural modalities, led me to train as a health and wellness coach. I develop warm and connected relationships with my clients and coach them through lifestyle changes so they, too, can take control of their own health.

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